Watch: TechMan solution reduces last minute cancellations and no-shows

TechMan’s garage management system has been creating simple solutions for the everyday issues faced by workshop owners since 2013, helping users to save money and improve efficiency.

Not least of these ‘everyday issues’ are the troublesome last minute cancellations and no-shows that blight garages, presenting significant financial-implications for the business.

TechMan combats this issue by sending an automated confirmation to the customer via text and email as soon as the booking is made, with a follow-up reminder sent 24-hours prior to the scheduled appointment.

Whilst this service might be commonplace in doctors’ surgeries and dentists, to-date TechMan is the only garage management software provider to utilise the function for the automotive aftermarket, saving its customers thousands of pounds in lost revenue.

TechMan customer Andy Wells and garage owner at Manor Motor Company: “The text reminders are essential to us.

“Before we had to call customers to find out why they hadn’t brought their car in for their appointment and, more often than not, it was simply that they’d forgotten.

“Now, TechMan’s text alerts help to jog their memories, reminding them of their forthcoming appointment or prompting them to call in advance to say they’re no longer able to attend, which allows us to re-book them for a later date.”

Prior to adopting the TechMan system, Andy would expect anything up to 30 per cent of booked jobs to simply not turn up.

Thanks to TechMan’s email and text reminders the garage’s MOT bay is full every day.

Shaun Miller, chief technician and workshop manager at Millers Garage, is equally impressed, stating that TechMan has helped to “transform” the business by “dramatically reducing ‘no shows’”.

“And this is the just the start,” adds Shaun.

“TechMan are constantly making improvements, if we have ideas that would help, then they make them happen.”

To find out more about TechMan, please call 01604 666720.

First published on GarageWire – 6 November 2018:

Published: November 6, 2018