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Get the clearest view of what goes on in your garage business and maximise performance with the TechMan garage management system

The TechMan garage management system is the perfect solution to support your growing garage business and workshop with powerful yet simple-to-use tools for the everyday workings of your garage and advanced measurement and reporting facilities to ensure you have a close eye on exactly how well your business is performing from anywhere in the world.

TechMan has not only been built with garages in mind but has been built with garages to ensure every feature is exactly what you'll need and more and that the performance reporting tools really do work to get the best from your work force.

Garage Management System works across all devices

Some of the main features of the TechMan garage management system:

Book and manage jobs
Issue quotes to customers
Manage supplier purchase orders and returns
Manage company courtesy vehicles
Powerful reporting facilities
Assign workloads to individual technicians
Manage and record staff absence and holidays
Keep a clear view on your workforce
Maintain your own suppliers, products and stock
And much, much more... !

Create your own Electronic Vehicle Health Checks and perform them on any device

Provide your technicians with digitized checklists and your customers with clear results!

TechView is seamlessly integrated with TechMan and allows you to create and amend your own check sheets, attach to bookings and retain results for future reference.

Your technicians will love the ease in which health checks can be carried out and evidence can be recorded and your customers will love having clear and concise results.

  • Create and modify your own check sheets
  • Take photographs for visual evidence
  • Download, email and print results
  • Create follow ups based on check results

Record and monitor staff performance in real time

Accurately measure your work force and encourage only the best!

TechMan provides the powerful features that enable you to track your workshop activity, in real-time, down to the second. Review data gathered to analyse performance and track improvement.

Using TechMan in the workshop your technicians will be able to:

  • Log their activities
  • View their assigned bookings for today
  • Track their month-by-month performance
  • Communicate with front-of-house

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