Garage management software that enables you to work smarter not harder

TechMan has not only been built with garages in mind but has been built with garages to ensure every feature is exactly what you’ll need and more and that the performance reporting tools really do work to get the best from your team

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      Get the clearest view of what goes on in your garage business and maximise performance with the TechMan garage management system

      The TechMan garage management system is the perfect web-based solution to support your growing garage business and workshop with powerful yet simple-to-use tools for the everyday workings of your garage and advanced measurement and reporting facilities to ensure you have a close eye on exactly how well your business is performing from anywhere in the world.

      TechMan has not only been built with garages in mind but has been built with garages to ensure every feature is exactly what you’ll need and more and that the performance reporting tools really do work to get the best from your work force.

      Why Use TechMan?

      Accounting Software

      Stay on top of invoicing at the touch of a button

      Taking the stress of payroll out of your hands

      Cashflow reporting

      Haynes Pro E3 Integration

      Streamlining your labour time quoting

      In-depth procedural information and wiring diagrams

      Improve job efficiency

      Telephone Integration

      Have your customer information pull up on your screen as soon as they call

      Link your customer and suppliers information together

      Never get caught off guard again

      Workshop Performance Monitoring

      Know exactly what’s going on in your garage

      Maximise efficiency on all aspects of your business

      Give your staff a platform to self improve

      Automated Reminders

      Reduce your no shows

      Regularly remind your customers without lifting a finger

      Fully customisable

      LKQ Euro Car Parts Integration

      Fully integrated car parts lookup

      Making ordering car parts quicker and easier

      Simplify your ordering and quoting process


      Organise your day-to-day bookings and staff holidays all in one place

      View jobs and holidays by day, week, month and assigned technician

      De clutter your paper-filled garage and move online

      TechView Electronic Vehicle Health Checks

      Create bespoke digital vehicle check sheets

      Provide your customers with more clarity

      All stored in one place

      Signing Up Is Simple

      Joining TechMan Garage Management System is easier than ever. Whilst revolutionising your garage might sound intimidating, we do all the hard work for you, making the process seamless for you. At TechMan, we’ve spent years fine-tuning our onboarding process so that our workshop software can be implemented with minimal disruption and time investment from you.

      Sign Up

      Just fill in some simple details about you and your garage business.

      Phone Walkthrough

      Our on-site experts will walk you through the process, ensuring a stress-free implementation. On the call you’ll get to clear up any queries you may have about the system

      Watch Your Garage Fly

      Once implemented, you’ll see the dramatic steps your garage makes in improving the overall efficiency and ultimately decreasing the overall running costs of your business.

      Why You Need TechMan’s Garage Management Software

      Running a garage comes with a number of everyday challenges. From dealing with customers to getting jobs done on time to managing personnel to maintaining stock and everything else, you are always busy.

      Keeping all this in mind, we have created the perfect Garage Management System to take the unnecessary load off your shoulders and help your garage function better.

      Increased productivity, better efficiency and greater profits are something that all garages want for their business.
      However, do you have the tools in place to make this a reality?

      With TechMan’s garage software, take that extra leap and witness your business running as you hope it would.

      TechMan’s innovative garage management software is carefully designed allowing you top level data at a glance, and deep reporting if you need it. Providing you with a clear view of everything that goes on in your business, the garage software is created from the owner’s perspective.

      With features built to manage every aspect of the business, you can handle bookings, review performance reports, create schedules, print invoices and so much more from within our garage management software.

      Get the best out of your team and maximise performance to achieve your garage business goals with TechMan. Click here to find out more about our wide range of features or request a demo now!

      TechMan is perfect for your business

      If you’re looking for an easy-to-use and feature-rich garage management system with top UK-based support you’ve come to the right place!

      No matter the size of your business, from small independents to nationwide centres, there is a a TechMan package to suit your needs.

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      Create your own Electronic Vehicle Health Checks and perform them on any device

      Provide your technicians with digitized checklists and your customers with clear results!
      TechView is seamlessly integrated with TechMan and allows you to create and amend your own check sheets, attach to bookings and retain results for future reference.

      Your technicians will love the ease in which health checks can be carried out and evidence can be recorded and your customers will love having clear and concise results.

      Create & modify check sheets

      Have full control of vehicle checks and answer types, create custom check sheets designed around your business

      Take videos and photographs for visual evidence

      Add evidence of service failures with images creating trust and confidence with customers

      Download, email and print results

      Keep your customers up to date with professional and clean service sheets