Rev Up Your Commercial Vehicle Sales with TechMan’s Garage Management System

Whether you’re already a car retailer or if you’re playing with the idea of selling cars, there’s no better feeling than a customer driving off the lot with a huge smile. That’s not to mention the extra avenue for developing revenue!

There’s an industry shift in that garages and workshops have now begun to sell vehicles to customers, which helps them boost business and revenue. However, if you are already involved in commercial vehicle sales, you know it’s not as easy as it seems. 

The Process of Vehicle Sales: What It Involves

Many garages and workshops offer commercial vehicle sales as a way of growing profit and boosting growth. However, there are several steps involved. 

Firstly, you need vehicles to add to your inventory. To get a good deal, you could either allow trade-ins from customers, purchase at auctions or purchase directly from dealers. Before putting it up for sale, you need to conduct thorough inspections and make necessary repairs, which hopefully you’ll have the facilities for. 

Next, you need to advertise the vehicle for sale, which could involve website listings, local ads or social media promotion. You may also want to promote your commercial vehicle sales to customers who visit your workshop. Once a buyer agrees to purchase the vehicle, you will need to deal with the necessary paperwork and financing. 

As a garage owner or manager, you already have a lot on your plate, which could make commercial vehicle sales management difficult. However, with TechMan’s innovative garage management system, all of this becomes easy. With our comprehensive features, you will be able to manage your commercial vehicle sales with greater ease.

Let’s find out how!

3 Ways TechMan’s Garage Management System Helps With Commercial Vehicle Sales

1. Cost Tracking

As a garage or workshop offering commercial vehicle sales, it is essential for you to track overall costs to determine true profitability

One way to do this is by applying the overall costs of any repair or replacement work carried out on a vehicle, within the workshop, to the jobs associated with that vehicle. In this way, it becomes easier to accurately determine the true costs of each vehicle you are selling.

For example, most vehicles will need some repairs before the final sale, but these costs are often not accounted for. With TechMan’s innovative garage management system, your total costs will be automatically added to the final amount, ensuring that the true cost of the vehicle is reflected in its sale price. 

Besides that, with our garage management system, you will also be able to identify trends and patterns that will help you reduce costs over time and improve garage efficiency.

2. VAT and Margin Vehicle Sales

If you want to maximise the profitability of your commercial vehicle sales, you need to offer a wider range of sales options to potential buyers. With our garage management system, you can offer both VAT and margin vehicle sales to your customers, automatically. VAT sales involve charging VAT on the full sale price of the vehicle, whereas margin sales only charge VAT on the difference between the purchase price of the vehicle and its sale price. 

VAT sales are typically used for new or nearly new vehicles, while margin sales are used for second-hand vehicles. By offering both options, you can cater to a wide range of customers and increase overall sales opportunities. Additionally, you can also offer additional products and warranties, such as extended warranties, maintenance packages or accessories like stereos and navigation systems. In this way, you can increase your total revenue per sale while providing additional value to the customer.

With TechMan’s garage management software, you will find it a whole lot easier to manage VAT and margin sales. With just a simple click of a button, you will be able to make the purchase experience smoother for your customers. Contact us now for a demo!

3. Customisable Invoicing 

As a garage or workshop offering commercial vehicle sales, you need to be able to customise your invoices from time to time. Whether you need to apply existing terms and conditions or order forms to the invoices, your invoicing process needs to be streamlined and consistent. 

For instance, if you have specific terms and conditions for your vehicle sales, you may need to include them on all your invoices. With a customisable invoicing system, they can be automatically applied to all invoices, ensuring that they are accurate and consistent without needing any intervention from your end.

In addition to that, a customisable invoicing system can also help your garage or workshop maintain a professional image with customers. You can ensure that your invoices are consistent with your branding, logo and more to enhance your reputation and drive long-term success. 

Choose TechMan for Efficient Commercial Vehicle Sales!

Managing a garage business is no piece of cake, and when it comes to commercial vehicle sales, it can get pretty overwhelming.

However, TechMan is here to help. We understand exactly how much you have on your plate already. As a business owner, you need to focus on growth instead of being tied down to routine tasks. 

With our industry-leading garage management system, you can not only streamline your vehicle sales process, but also improve overall garage efficiency. With outstanding features like accounting, reporting, automated reminders, parts sales and more, we can help you get the best out of your garage! Contact us now to learn more or request a demo.

Published: May 9, 2023