The 3 Most Common Emergency Car Repairs

As a garage owner, you’re going to come across vehicles that need many different types of work undertaking. Car repairs can include anything, from routine oil changes to tire rotations to more complex repairs like engine overhauls or transmission replacements. 

However, there are some types of car repair that need to be carried out urgently. For example, emergency repairs can include repairing or replacing flat tires, jumpstarting a dead battery, fixing a broken alternator or starter, repairing a damaged radiator, or replacing a broken timing belt.

As a garage owner, it is your responsibility to fix these issues and ensure that your customers’ cars are safe to operate. Your car technicians have to be attentive and work with precision to ensure that the job is done perfectly, meanwhile, you need to ensure that all car jobs are being scheduled correctly so that customers receive their vehicles back on time. 

In this blog, we’ll explore some common types of emergency car repairs. Let’s dive in!

3 Common Types of Emergency Car Repairs 

1. Brake System Repairs

Brakes are one of the most critical safety components of any vehicle. They slow down or stop a car, which is why when the brake system fails or becomes ineffective, it can lead to serious accidents. 

There are a range of different issues that could require a brake system repair, such as replacing worn brake pads, repairing or replacing damaged brake lines and fixing or replacing malfunctioning brake components. Your car technicians may need to bleed out the brake system to remove air or other contaminants that could be affecting its performance. 

Brake system repairs are a type of car repair that requires specialised knowledge and specific types of tools. This is why it is important that you assign a qualified technician to this job. 

Additionally, you can also recommend regular brake system maintenance to customers, such as checking brake fluid levels and replacing worn brake pads. With TechMan’s automated reminders feature, it becomes easy to periodically remind customers to get their brake systems checked or repaired. This will help them avoid serious brake system issues in the future and ensure that they are safe on the road. 

2. Ignition System Repair

The ignition system is crucial to the proper functioning of any car. It is responsible for starting the car’s engine and consists of a number of different components, such as the battery, starter motor, ignition oil and spark plugs. 

These are important parts that can often break down due to improper maintenance or wear and tear. Many of your customers may come in because they experience problems starting the car, however, this is usually because of issues within the ignition system. 

When it comes to car repairs, your technicians need to diagnose and replace faulty components. For example, if the starter motor is entirely worn out or the ignition coil is faulty, replacing these parts can fix the issues. They may also require some additional cleaning to ensure smoother ignition. 

With TechMan’s parts sales feature, it becomes easier to keep track of any car parts that you have replaced or sold. It also makes it easier for you to reorder parts to ensure that you can provide exceptional service to your customers, at all times.

3. Steering System Repair

A car’s steering system controls the direction of the vehicle, however, it can compromise the safety of the car and its passengers if faulty. When it comes to emergency car repairs, you may see many customers coming in with complaints about their steering systems. 

To fix these issues, your car technicians may have to repair specific components such as the power steering pump, the steering rack, tie rods or the ball joints. They may also need to check for parts within the steering system that are worn out or damaged and replace them with new ones to ensure proper alignment and steering function.

It is also important to remind your customers to come in for routine checks and regular maintenance, which also involves steering system maintenance. With regular checks for leaks in the power steering fluid, tire pressure and alignment, you can ensure that your customers do not face steering system issues and are safe on the road

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Published: April 26, 2023