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Take Your Garage Workshop Management to the Next Level with TechMan

TechMan’s cutting-edge workshop management system is designed to transform the efficiency and productivity of your garage. As one of the leading automotive workshop management softwares in the UK, TechMan gives new meaning to garage management.

With our advanced garage workshop software, you can take garage management beyond the traditional processes, centralising all operations and encouraging seamless workflows. From scheduling to invoicing to inventory management and more, there’s nothing you cannot do! 

With its intuitive interface and functionalities, TechMan’s workshop software helps you enhance overall workshop performance and boost customer satisfaction.

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Exploring the Features of Our Garage Workshop Software

As one of the leading workshop management systems for garages, TechMan integrates a wide range of features that transform your garage operations. From streamlining accounting to managing personnel, our software makes workshop management so much simpler.


With an integrated accounting system, TechMan lets you manage expenses, revenue and invoices within the software. You can now generate detailed financial reports, simplify tax calculations and stay on top of your workshop finances. As the best garage workshop accounting software, TechMan ensures efficient financial management for your workshop.

TechMan sends you automated reminders for appointments, service due dates and pending tasks, enhancing workshop efficiency. These reminders are customisable for both customers and technicians, simplifying communication and task management.

Our garage workshop management software also includes a calendar interface, which helps facilitate easy scheduling of appointments and services. You can now optimise workloads while having a top-level view of progress per task and other workshop activities. 

Having trouble keeping track of customer details? TechMan’s garage workshop software centralises customer information, service history, preferences, requests and more. This lets you personalise service recommendations and boost customer satisfaction. 

TechMan makes it easy to manage inventory and sales of parts, all through our innovative automobile workshop management software. Whether you need to track stock levels, reorder parts or assess pricing, you can now do it all from one place. 

TechMan combines workshop management with personnel management in our workshop software. Manage your staff schedules, roles and performance metrics, ironing out inefficiencies and boosting productivity. With streamlined communication channels and assignment systems, you will have deeper insights into individual workloads, bookings and more.

Get real-time insights into your workshop KPIs with our garage workshop software. Track overall garage productivity, service times and customer satisfaction metrics to understand areas of improvement. Facilitating data-backed decisions, our software assists you in optimising workshop performance and operations.

Boosting Efficiency with TechMan's Garage Workshop Software

TechMan’s workshop management software goes beyond streamlining your workshop operations, it optimises your workshop management processes so that you can take your garage business to the next level. Here’s how TechMan helps you boost business:

 Increased Efficiency: Our workshop software integrates many different functionalities on a single platform, helping you stay on top of your garage operations and boost efficiency.

Enhances Productivity: With automated workflows and optimised processes, TechMan enables you to boost productivity within your workshop. Whether it’s a repair job or a service request, with our workshop software, you will be able to deliver high-quality service and boost customer satisfaction.

Customisable Solutions: TechMan adapts to your business. Whether you need our automobile workshop management software for personnel management or accounting, TechMan does it all. We also accommodate various workshop sizes and specialities, ensuring that your business gets exactly what it needs.

Inventory and Stock Control: Our innovative workshop software ensures precise inventory management and tracking. From optimising stock levels to minimising wastage, our workshop software ensures that you are always prepared.

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Reasons You Need a Workshop Management System

Get ready to get the best out of your garage with TechMan!

As a leading-edge solution for your workshop management needs, TechMan offers both innovation and dedication to optimising your workshop operations. With a wide range of features, we have only one goal in mind – to make garage management easier for you.

Whether you’re a large-scale garage business or a smaller workshop, with TechMan, your business can achieve greater heights. 

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