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Do away with paper diaries and fully engage with the powerful drag-and-drop calendars within TechMan to organise your day-to-day bookings and staff holidays. Clearly see the status of each job by colour, plan the workloads for each technician and move jobs around to your heart’s content.

Calendar events can be filtered by the type of job, the technician and more and can even be automatically cleared when no longer required. To enhance planning and visibility even further you have the ability to change the view of the calendar into a day, week or month view. Along with the views some other features to aid in the planning of your diary is the working hours table which display available hours total and also the work in progress booked total to prevent over booking of your diary. You may also be on able to facilitate a certain number of set tasks for example collection and delivery or courtesy car availability, all of this is visible within the calendar.

TechMan is packed full of features

Why Your Calendar is Central to Your Garage

As a garage or workshop owner, having an up to date calendar is essential to keep track of daily operations and ensure that tasks are completed on time. This is why we have integrated calendar functionality into our innovative garage management system.

Running our own garage, at TechMan, we understand the exact struggles of managing your garage, which is why our garage management system is designed from the ground up to add value to your business. Here are a few ways in which our calendars feature can benefit you!

With the calendars feature of our garage management system, you can now plan your garage operations more efficiently than ever.

All of your appointments, tasks and technician’s jobs available in a centralised place, enabling you to have a bird’s eye view of your workshop’s operation. This further helps you in scheduling, planning and management. For example, if you have several appointments scheduled for a single day, schedule the important tasks to be finished first while the less important ones are worked on at the end of the day, in case something more urgent arises.

When it comes to garage management, it’s easy to get distracted. However, this puts you at risk of forgetting important tasks and appointments. With features like the TechMan calendar and automated reminders, our garage management system enables you to set up reminders and alerts to ensure that you miss nothing.

These reminders can also be set up for tasks that need to be worked on regularly, such as vehicle inspections, oil changes and tire rotations. By setting up reminders well in advance, you can ensure that all tasks are completed on time and provide your customers with exceptional service.

Keeping track of the status and progress of each job in your workshop is crucial to ensure timely service as well as increased efficiency.

Our calendar feature not only allows you to assign tasks to your employees but also helps track the progress of each task from start to finish. It can automatically set up checklists for each job so that you know exactly what needs to be done, making it easier to monitor progress.

You can also use the calendar feature to keep track of the availability of your technicians and schedule tasks and appointments accordingly.

If you are looking to manage time more effectively, TechMan’s calendar is the perfect solution.  Along with tracking the progress of each job, it also tracks the total time spent to get the job done. This lets you identify areas of improvement in terms of productivity, collaboration or resource allocation.

Created specifically for garages, we use TechMan within our own garage. Built to solve the core issues every garage faces, TechMan gives you greater oversight, greater control and allows you to maximise efficiency.