5 Tips to Maintain Garage Health & Safety In The Workplace

As a garage owner, you are not only responsible for everyday operations, management and business growth, you also have to ensure the safety of your employees. 

When we talk about garage health and safety, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? From unexpected injuries to fires and electric shocks, your garage may be subjected to some of the following health and safety threats. 

Garage safety is a serious concern that is often overlooked, this can lead to accidents, property damage, and in extreme cases, even loss of life.

We understand that managing a busy garage can be a tough job, but ensuring garage health and safety is a priority.

This is why, at TechMan, we’ve created our all-round Garage Management System which optimises efficiency and also accounts for health and safety essentials.

Today, we’ll explore a few garage health and safety tips that can help you to deal with mishaps and prevent critical garage accidents.

5 Tips to Ensure Garage Health and Safety

1. Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, trips and falls are the most common types of accidents in a car garage and can be either harmless or incredibly severe. Loose cables trailing across workspaces and fluid spillages are the main culprits.

In order to minimise this, it is essential to keep your garage organised, remove trip hazards like cables, and mop up spillages right away. In addition to this, you may also want to invest in slip-resistant flooring or install anti-slip mats in workstations. It is also good practice to wear appropriate footwear with adequate grip to provide stability on slippery surfaces.

2. Toxic Chemical Safety

In the garage business, you deal with a wide range of repair and maintenance jobs, which often involve working with a number of toxic chemicals.  

These chemicals can either be toxic fumes emitted by engines, vehicle fuels or any other chemical substance used during the process of vehicle repair.

These chemicals are flammable and can cause problems like skin or eye irritation, if exposed to the body. This is why it’s essential to take suitable measures and minimise exposure to toxic chemicals

Some ways in which this can be done includes ventilating your garage, following instructions on safety labels, using appropriate safety gear and ensuring that employees are trained to use chemicals. 

3. Protective Wear and First Aid

All garage employees must be provided with suitable clothing and safety gear whenever needed.

Safety equipment like protective gloves, safety goggles and respiratory masks keep your car technicians and employees safe while they are working. It is crucial to have the right safety equipment available to all employees, whenever they need it. By taking these precautions, you can avoid accidents and life-changing injuries.

Whilst protective wear minimises injury, it does not completely diminish them. In the unfortunate event of accidents, first aid kits come to the rescue. It is essential to have at least two first aid kits available in the garage.

4. Conduct Health and Safety Audits

Regular garage health and safety audits conducted by an expert can be an absolute lifesaver for your garage business.

Whether you do it on a weekly or monthly basis, this is an important step in maintaining garage health and safety. The amount of times you conduct a safety audit may depend on your personal preferences and the size of your garage, but it is generally advised to get a minimum of one audit done per month.

These audits help you spot potential hazards and encourage you to maintain your garage in the best condition possible.

5. Create a Health and Safety Policy

Developing a health and safety policy is particularly important to ensure health and safety in your workplace. 

This policy outlines the basic health and safety guidelines that employees need to maintain in your garage. Encourage your employees to follow the policy to avoid accidents and injuries.

A garage safety policy must be thorough and include all possible mishaps, how to prevent or mitigate them and steps to follow in case an accident does occur.

Regular workshops regarding health and safety can also help your employees be alert of their surroundings and give them a proactive approach to accidents.

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Published: June 6, 2023