Award-winning independent utilises TechMan to gain more selling hours

Garage management system TechMan has recently been implemented by award-winning independent Audi and VW specialist ADS Limited, who’ve seen benefits within three months.

ADS has long been a renowned diagnostic specialist but since taking over day to day operations from father Frank in 2012, business owner Dave Massey has set about transforming the garage.

Turnover has accelerated from £150,000 per annum towards the £1 million mark thanks to a focus on prestige vehicles and the roll-out of additional vehicle services such as tuning, ECU remapping and fuel economy enhancement.

Now TechMan is proving to be the ‘final piece of the jigsaw’ as Dave acknowledges that, despite always investing in new tools, staff training and garage equipment, ADS has historically ‘fallen short’ on having an effective garage system.

“Business growth had made a good management system essential,” said Dave.

“We wanted to support our technicians and admin team, so that we could not only offer the very best customer service but also make good business decisions about how to improve.”

ADS implemented TechMan in March, after enquiring in January 2018, the initial objective was to find some extra efficiency – to gain ‘more hours to sell’.

“Powerful tool”

The workshop has already since seen an immediate uplift in sold hours thanks to valuable data on staff utilisation.

“We’ve employed a new front of house team member to support the technicians, operate the workshop booking system and monitor technician time on jobs, so we can seek early customer authorisation for additional work where we need to,” said David.

This change has enabled ADS to flow more work through the workshop.

TechMan also highlighted a further bottleneck on minor repair and service work.

“We’ve just invested in two new ramps to have capacity to get straight onto work generated from vehicle health checks,” said David.

“We’re now converting more of those opportunities too.”

TechMan has proved a ‘very powerful tool’ in helping ADS identify these areas for improvement, ensuring business decisions are based on facts and evidence.

Valuable asset

ADS also use TechMan to monitor business enquiries, create a wide range of reminders around key dates or advisories of future work and track parts ordering more effectively, including returns and credits.

Technicians struggling to adapt their previous working practices have received one-to-one training support and have now embraced the change.

“They noticed jobs running more smoothly, with fewer delays for parts or customer authorisation,” said David.

ADS also say that automated text and email reminders, used for all customer bookings, have reduced troublesome late cancellations and ‘no shows’.

Commenting on the process itself David said: “I’ll be honest, we’ve had to implement some new systems and it took us a full month to feel completely confident but the support team is only a phone call away and they’ve been great.

“Although this system took a little longer to get used to that we thought it has been completely worth it.”

For further information about TechMan call 01604 666720.

First published on GarageWire – 25 May 2018:

Published: May 25, 2018