Reduce No Shows With Automated Reminders

Utilise TechMans built in automated reminders to keep your customers updated and reduce your no-shows. There is many different reminders from booking reminders, MOT & Service reminders and can even be used to automate review reminders without lifting a finger. You will have full flexibility to customise the text of the reminder messages that are sent as well as when and how often your customers are notified. You can also add links directing customer to book online when used with Web Bookings.

Create and edit your own message templates

Configure reminders to repeat until booked

Receive daily reports of messages sent

✓ Keep Customers coming back and reduce no shows. 

Vehicle reminder

Why Do You Need Automated Reminders?

Our automated reminders feature is a garage favourite, and highly innovative. Improve your workshop performance, customer service and employee efficiency with this super simple integration. With TechMan’s garage management software, you can now use this feature to set up automated reminders that will help you keep everything organised.

Here are some ways in which automated reminders can add value to your business!

Increased Customer Satisfaction – No Missed Appointments

Automated reminders are the perfect way to remind customers of their upcoming appointments, which leads to increased customer satisfaction and reduces the likelihood of missed appointments. Your customers may often forget that they have an appointment scheduled. However, with TechMan’s garage management software, they will receive timely reminders about their upcoming appointments.

In addition, with yearly reminders of upcoming MOTs and services, you ensure customers are informed in advance, stopping those last minute bookings elsewhere.

By providing your customers with reminders, you can also better streamline the repair or maintenance process while ensuring that your customers feel more valued and appreciated.

Improved Efficiency- Schedule Appointments with Ease

With automated reminders, it becomes easier to improve workshop efficiency by reducing the time and resources required to manage appointments, follow up with customers, reorder parts and more. With an automated reminder process, there are fewer opportunities for manual errors and oversight. With TechMan,your garage operations run smoother than ever.

Not just that, but it becomes easier for you to manage schedules and allocate resources more effectively. With an automated reminder system, you can ensure that the right technician is available with the right equipment for a specific job.

Improved Communication – Build Rapport With Customers

For a garage or workshop owner, effective communication is key to smoother operations and business growth. This becomes easier than ever with TechMan’s automated reminders feature. You can now provide timely updates and reminders to your customers to ensure that there are no missed appointments.

Beyond that, you can effectively communicate with employees about the status of a repair or maintenance job, the parts used, the estimated amount of time needed and more. With automated reminders, your employees are reminded to maintain communication within the workshop for increased efficiency.

Increased Revenue – Generate More Business,  Easily

As a garage owner, you have one goal in common with every other business owner – increased revenue and growth. With our advanced automated reminders feature, you will notice a significant difference in the way you manage your garage operation. For example, you can now ensure that you are making the most of your time and maximising revenue potential by reducing the likelihood of no-shows.

Your automated reminders can also be customised to advertise any promotions or special offers your customers can take advantage of, leading to increased bookings. With automated reminders, you will be able to improve your customer service which will lead to an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Enhanced Proffessionalism -Stand Out From the Crowd

Another great benefit of using TechMan’s automated reminders feature is that it leads to enhanced professionalism, attracting more customers to do business with you. With this feature, it becomes easier to provide a modern and streamlined customer experience by maintaining clear communication with customers.

Besides, by using automated reminders to manage your workshop bookings, you can ensure that your everyday operations are more efficient and better managed. This helps you create a polished and professional image for your business.

Created specifically for garages, we use TechMan within our own garage. Built to solve the core issues every garage faces, TechMan gives you greater oversight, greater control and allows you to maximise efficiency.

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