Watch: Workshop bookings easier than ever as TechMan responds to garage requests

Garage Management System, TechMan has made the management of bookings even easier for users thanks to two new developments rolled out in response to garage requests.

The transfer of jobs that overrun to a second day can now be allocated with ease, removing the hassle of having to manually break jobs down into chunks so that they can be spread over multiple days.

With ‘Send to Date’, jobs can now be deferred to another time and date in a matter of seconds, as demonstrated in TechMan’s latest video.

Leo Freebairn of TechMan said: “With many garages having the need to split labour over multiple days, this update adds an enhanced feature, allowing users to move individual or multiple labour units to alternative dates and times.

“Simply select the labour units that need moving and amend the dates and times to reallocate them within the calendar.

“This can be done with a single labour unit or multiple labour units at once, making it even easier and more flexible for users.”

Meanwhile, catering to the needs of fast fit workshops, a further TechMan update has been made to bring additional flexibility for Job Creation.

Technicians now have the option to log onto jobs in the workshop through the Terminal and TechView, without the need of having to collect and input vehicle and customer details first.

Such data can be added later, helping to maintain a fast-paced flow of work for fast-fit jobs such as tyre, bulb and wiper blade changes.

Leo explained: “Fast-fit jobs are all about getting a vehicle in and out quickly, so we’ve tweaked TechMan to ensure fast-fit workshops can get all of the benefits of a highly intuitive Garage Management System, without having to slow the pace of work down.

“Now, technicians can get the vehicle on a ramp and begin work, without having to worry about inputting data before starting.”

TechMan has long responded to the needs of its users, working closely with garages across the country as part of its development of intuitive garage management tools and features.

For more information about the TechMan Garage Management System or to arrange a demonstration, call 01604 666 720.

First published on GarageWire – 21 September 2021.

Published: September 21, 2021