TechMan to save garages money with PDQ integration

Garage management specialist, TechMan now offers card services provider integration, linking PDQ card terminals with its software.

The garage management system already provides workshops with the perfect solution to support all aspects of the business, enabling ‘paperless’ working and streamlining overall efficiency.

And, as the TechMan software now speaks directly to the PDQ terminal – providing the correct pricing information and eliminating the need to write off hard-earned revenue – garage owners no longer need to worry about incorrectly entered transactions.

Faster transactions

Both customers and technicians will also no doubt appreciate the time-saving benefits of faster transactions, with TechMan efficiently reconciling jobs once the payment has been processed.

All refunds issued through the terminal will also be linked and recorded through TechMan for an accurate and up-to-date view of the company’s transactions.

The risk of employee theft is also greatly reduced, as each payment taken is automatically recorded against a job already in the system.

TechMan already allows users to book and manage jobs, issue quotes to customers, manage supplier purchase orders and returns, assign workloads to individual technicians, and manage and record staff absence and holidays, all from one piece of software.

National sales manager at TechMan, Leo Freebairn said: “Our latest offering promises potentially huge savings for garage owners on card processing fees, as we have a national network partnership rate.

“For one of our customers alone we were able to slash his rates by £125 per month.

“This would cover the entire cost of a lite, or advanced, subscription as well as half of the cost of pro.

“Add these financial benefits to the improvements in overall efficiency, and it’s very difficult to dispute the radical difference that TechMan could make to your business.”

For more information about TechMan, call 01604 666720.

First published on GarageWire – 18 September 2018:

Published: September 18, 2018