TechMan Euro Car Parts integration brings more time-savings

Workshops across the UK have applauded TechMan for its recent integration of the Euro Car Parts catalogue which has brought further time-saving benefits to the Garage Management System.

TechMan users can now look up parts directly from within a job to view costs, RRP and stock availability at their local branch.

Once added to a job card an electronic order is sent in real time, removing the need to order over the phone and minimising the risk of incorrectly ordered parts.

Charlie Yeoell of Reigate Motor Company in Surrey said: “Traditionally we used to go onto the Euro Car Parts website to lookup what we needed and then copy and paste all of the part numbers across.

“Now though, you literally just need to click on the Euro Car Parts icon in TechMan.

“It knows the car you’re working on and goes straight to the parts you need. It saves a lot of admin work and reduces errors – I’m a huge fan.”

The widely praised integration ensures technicians and service desk staff can quickly and accurately identify parts for ongoing jobs, place orders and reconcile invoices more efficiently.

What’s more, all parts feature specific pricing and stock information applicable to each individual account and local Euro Car Parts branch. Once an order placement is confirmed, workshops can monitor the order status with TechMan.

Charlie added: “I used to have customers call me up for job estimates but I’d have to take their details and call them back later, once I’d manually searched and totalled everything up.

“Now though, it’s so quick and easy that I can produce an estimate immediately for them. By the time we put the phone down, they get an estimate copy in their inbox too.”

Reigate Motor Company switched to TechMan in 2019, having been impressed by its long list of powerful features.

“TechMan really does maximise my workshop’s productivity,” Charlie explained. “There’s no down-time between jobs with technicians asking ‘what’s next’, everything is laid out on the system so everyone knows what’s happening and when.

“The Euro Car Parts integration is the icing on the cake, Euro Car Parts is the first place we go to for parts now.

“The way we can manage parts is fantastic.

“We can track purchases and returns and I know exactly what I’ve spent and what I’m owed at any time of the month.

“It’s exactly what a busy garage needs.”

Reigate Motor Company isn’t alone in commending the recent development.

The managing director of Angus MacKinnon, a multi-site independent garage business with workshops in Derbyshire and Staffordshire, described TechMan’s Euro Car Parts integration as its “best update yet”.

Stuart MacKinnon said: “The Euro Car Parts integration is excellent.

“We can seek stock levels from Stoke-on-Trent, our main supplier, making the ordering process much slicker.

“When you order a part through the job card, it creates a purchase order on the invoice which can be linked back to the job.

“It has to be TechMan’s best update yet because it stops leakages of rogue parts and pre-populates cost prices, reducing the risk or user error.”

For more information about the TechMan Garage Management System or to arrange a demonstration, call 01604 666 720.

First published on GarageWire – 7 September 2021.

Published: September 7, 2021