TechMan | Customer Focus: Service MOT Repairs Ltd

Service MOT Repairs LTD is a well-established independent based on the Round Spinney Industrial Estate in Northampton. Micky Wykes, TechMan’s Support and Training Specialist, went to speak to the owner, Alex Isherwood, to gather his thoughts on our garage management system.

Alex is a qualified vehicle technician who has over 18 years of experience within the motor trade, running several regional branches of large independent nationals, until he decided to go his own way and Service MOT Repairs LTD was then born. They are a TechMan Pro user and take advantage of our Web Bookings, Paymentsense/Dojo Integrated Card Machines and Payment Assist integrations.

What were your reasons for leaving your previous system? 

“Our previous system hadn’t moved with the times and we found that we had outgrown the systems capabilities. There were other missing features too; for example: we couldn’t track parts purchases, poor reporting and so on.”

What made TechMan stand out from other GMS systems?

“TechMan stood out to me because of the amount of features packed into the system while still being cost effective. Unlimited Users and tailored training packages which didn’t break the bank were a big factor.”

How was the transition from your old system to TechMan?

“The transition from our old system to TechMan was extremely easy. With the Support team helping every step of the way to make our switch seamless.  Also the speed of transition was impressive, from final signature to our first training day was only 3 weeks.”

How was the support from TechMan – before, during and after?

“I love the speed at which any questions are answered, using their support ticketing system. Communication is impeccable and easy through all mediums.”  (TechMan stats indicate that all questions and issues raised by Alex and the team have been resolved within 18 hours of initial contact)

“TechMan pride themselves on their support and it is evident with how they have looked after my team

Has there been a positive impact on staff? What changes have you seen in the business?

“The ability to see all that is happening within the business and track technician efficiencies which can identify strengths and weaknesses within the business is invaluable. We can easily identify if more training is required or more tooling.

I have also been able to bring in a new front-of-house as well so that I can step away from the business a bit more and concentrate on other aspects.”

TechMan Best features?

Tech Efficiency and the Euro Car Parts direct-to-branch ordering are must haves! Allowing full view of what is happening in the garage in real time and saving countless hours spent on the phone to the local ECP branch. I also can’t forget the accountability/transparency of the system. I love that it is all tracked within the history feature”.

And Finally….Would you recommend TechMan to other garages?

“No, its too good to share the secret… Of course I would recommend it!”

Published: June 22, 2022