Let your customers know you’re still here during the COVID-19 restrictions

A brief guide on how to communicate to your loyal customers and local community

With the unprecedented situation presented by COVID-19, many people will be working from home and not able or willing to travel as much as usual.

If you already offer collection and delivery services to your customers, or are planning to do so, now is the time to let them know!

There are many ways to communicate quickly…

If you have a Facebook page, using the built-in tools to create a simple “boosted” campaign can help you to reach your customers quickly and effectively.
* See the image on the right for an example of what our workshop, In Town Automotive, have posted and received fantastic engagement so far!

Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc…
You can post short and simple messages to you customers letting them know how you can help and keep them updated throughout the coming weeks.

SMS and Email
Speak to our team here at TechMan on how we can assist you in sending an SMS campaign directly to your customers.

Active Payment Assist in TechMan

The TechMan platform is already integrated with Payment Assist to allow you to offer four interest-free payments, credit-check free, to customers that may be worried about the financial impact of the current situation. Take the stress out of their vehicle repairs and maintenance whilst maintaining your cashflow.

If you already use Payment Assist, speak to a member of our team to activate this feature in your platform.

To sign up to Payment Assist for the first time visit this link:

Published: March 19, 2020