Beacon Hill Garage credits TechMan with £100K net profit increase

Having adopted the TechMan system back in November 2017, garage owner Billy West believes that his business has benefitted from a significant increase in labour sales as a result of technicians logging on and off jobs, giving him a real-time overview of staff productivity.

This transparency has resulted in less over-running on job times, as well as clearer visibility within the system’s diary on workshop loading.

Billy said: “We decided on TechMan because it worked well with our paperless office management system: the guys in the workshop now have all the vehicle information that they could possibly need at their fingertips.

“The clocking system enables us to allocate and sell more hours, and we also like the VHC system, which has led to a huge increase in work with other faults we find on customers’ vehicles.

“Customers also appreciate the clarity provided in our system-generated email estimates – all broken down so they can see exactly what is required and how much it will cost – which can be coupled with either a video or photographs.”

Looking ahead, Billy plans to make better use of TechMan’s reporting systems , and having checked the business’ KPIs he hopes to double Beacon Hill’s net profit over the course of the next 12 months.

To find out more about what TechMan could do for your business, call 01604 666720.

First published on GarageWire – 19 March 2019:

Published: March 19, 2019