Multi-Site Garage Management System

If you manage more than one physical location, or perhaps you have a central booking location that can book on behalf of one or all of your workshops you will always be kept in the loop. TechMan's multi-site capbilities can be employed to give you, the business owner a top-down view of all of your locations and staff as well as allow you to drill down to activities and data relating to specific sites.

Specific users and technicians can also be given granular abilities to access specific features or data of their own and other locations to ensure that your sites can work together or completely seperately if you so wish.

Initiate and manage inter-location stock transfers
Source products with view real-time quantities across your stocking locations
Manage inventories across sites and re-stock all required products with ease
Reallocate bookings, users, technicians and assets across your sites
Ability to use different document stationery per sites
Report on individual sites or the business as a whole
...and MUCH more!