Workshop Performance Monitoring

With an accompanying terminal, TechMan is a powerful, workshop deployed, solution for monitoring efficiency and utilisation of your technical staff. From check-in as they arrive, to check-out at the end of the day your personnel will use TechMan to provide you with the clearest picture of exactly what their day entails and how well they are doing on each task.

Using the reporting features, this invaluable data is then correlated with your actual job costs and sales values to show you just how profitably your staff are performing each day. You can run these reports any time, day or night, to compare performance and even view trends across the previous 12 months.

TechMan terminal software can also be used as a communication tool between your workshop technicians and front-of-house staff, with everyone being kept aware of expected and remaining completion times.

The performance monitoring features and activity logging capabilities enable you to really open up your business to see the inner workings and help drive all staff to perform at their best.

Log arrival and departure times
Communicate important information directly
Configure activities based on job role
Display staff unavailability information
Show real-time progress on tasks
Allow staff to view their own performance improvements
Encourage and motivate staff with visible achievement statistics
Reporting available!
...and MUCH more!