Off-the-shelf, the TechMan workshop management system comes with a number of insightful reports that will enable you to see exactly how your business is performing on every aspect. In consultation with our users in the field we have built each report to show you the greatest of detail in the following areas, to name a few:

  • Daily invoicing statistics including achieved profit, bookings awaiting payment and VAT summaries
  • Created quotes and bookings per person including quote conversion rates and turnover achieved
  • Selling data for all labour units with the drill down on specific labour types, for example servicing and MOTs
  • Sales and profit data in relation to customers with the ability to view returning customer data and customer booking information by post code
  • Personnel efficiency and status reports that show how their time is utilised and what your work force is really doing for you

All built-in reports are compatible with tablets and mobile devices and can be run any time so you really can monitor your business from anywhere.