The TechMan garage management system incoporates an extensive list of powerful features

From the important day-to-day tasks involved in running your workshop right through to the detailed and insightful reporting facilities, TechMan is packed full of tools and features that encourage smooth operation and informed growth of your business.

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Job creation has been designed to be a smooth and streamlined process to enable you to make and confirm bookings on the spot. Whether it is face-to-face or over the phone, you don’t need to worry about confusing buttons or filling in unnecessary details so you can concentrate on giving great customer service.

Add your products and labour to create a job
Assigned labour to your technicians
View estimated completion time
View the actual time technicians have spent on the job
Record payments received and take deposits
Download job sheets, invoices and work summaries
All related actions and documents in one place
Reporting available!
...and MUCH more!


Creating and issuing estimates to customers is quick and simple. All that is required is the customer's details and the products and labour information you wish to create an estimate for! You can even add notes that are visible to the customer so you can acknowledge any special requests.

Once the estimate is created you can opt to send the details to your customer via email and / or SMS as well as download the estimate details on your customised stationary, ready to print. And if the customer is happy for you to proceed with the works you can convert the estimate to a booking with a single click!

View cost and profit as-you-go
Quotes stored against the relevant customer and vehicle
Pass on quote via email, SMS or printable document
Reporting available!
...and MUCH more!

Parts Sales

The same powerful streamlined processes found in the workshop booking facilities are also to be found in the parts sales module. From querying your up-to-date stock levels, creating purchase orders for products, selling to new and existing customers, attaching internal notes, and more, you will have everything you need, in a single place, to sell parts and create invoices with no fuss.

Attach customer and vehicle details if necessary
View your projected costs and profits as-you-go
Take deposits and part payments
Protect your bottom-line with minimum markup settings
Sell man hours required to complete the transaction
Account for supplier product surcharges
Download, print and email invoices and receipts
Reporting available!
...and MUCH more!

Vehicle Sales

TechMan also has a built-in vehicle sales module for those who also sell vehicles through their business. You can keep track of your current inventory and sale prices and when a vehicle is sold you can update the system with your actual sale value for later reference.

If a bespoke website is included in your TechMan package we will also integrate your vehicle inventory so that you can advertise directly to the public.

Allow access to only certain users
Upload your own vehicle photographs
Advertise your vehicles on your own website
...and MUCH more!

Electronic Vehicle Health Checks

Streamline the process of vehicle health checks and retain digital records of results as well as photographic evidence of your findings with TechView. Take your paper health check sheets and service schedules into the future by converting them to fully customisable, flexible and clear digital format that you can print or email for your customers - minus the oily fingerprints!

Create and modify your own check sheets
Complete your check sheets on any device
Take photographs for visual evidence
Provide customers with clear results
Ideal for carrying out vehicle servicing
Download, email and print results
Works on Android, iOS, Amazon and Windows devices
...and MUCH more!

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Product Inventory

Within the TechMan garage management software you have the full flexibility to create your own labour units and products that you can use over and over again. With each product you can specify your own suppliers, purchase costs and recommended selling values. If you stock parts you can also add your current inventory values and minimum expected stock quantities so you are always aware of how to fulfil job requirements and re-stock sensibly.

Over time our reporting facilities will give you a really clear picture of exactly what is working for you and which services are the most profitable.

Create purchase orders for required stock
Create your own labour and product unit classifications
Specify labour unit durations according to your business expectations
Reporting available!
...and MUCH more!

Purchase Orders

With real-time stock availability during the booking process, you will know when you need to order parts from suppliers and when you can source them from your own stock. With this is mind you can instruct that purchase orders be created for, and even sent to, the relevant suppliers at the point of booking (don't worry, this can also be done after!).

When your purchase ordered parts arrive you can mark them as received and your front-of-house and workshop staff will all be aware that the set works can commence.

We have spent a considerable amount of time perfecting this feature and are sure you will be truly impressed!

Quick-order parts to fulfill booking requirements
Order from multiple suppliers in one swift motion
Correctly keep records of parts costs per job
Be aware at all times of parts due to arrive
Always know which purchase order is for which job
...and MUCH more!

Customer Management

The majority of your customer records will be created as they book in with you for the first time, however there is a need to create more advanced customer records such as customers on account and fleet management customers – all of which TechMan will take care of!

Every customer record contains not only the billing and communication information but their notification preferences, associated vehicles list, fleet company if necessary and also a complete list of previous jobs and quotes that will grow as your customer returns.

Support for account and fleet customers!
Configure marketing preferences
Builds job and quote histories
Easily transfer ownership of vehicles
Individual customer contract pricing options
Reporting available!
...and MUCH more!

Company Courtesy Vehicles

If you have courtesy vehicles available for customer use you will know that keeping track of when they are available and staying on top of MOT and servicing dates is a task you can’t afford to get wrong. Within TechMan you get simple tools to log the key dates for your courtesy vehicles and also block out time for essential maintenance.

The availability of your courtesy vehicles is also visible to you when creating new bookings, simply select the date of your job and the available courtesy vehicles will be shown, giving you the option to reserve there and then.

We have also added the ability to log fuel expenditure for your courtesy vehicles; another useful feature to help keep your costs clear and precise.


Do away with paper diaries and fully engage with the powerful drag-and-drop calendars within TechMan to organise your day-to-day bookings and staff holidays. Clearly see the status of each job by colour, plan the work loads for each technician and move jobs around to your heart's content. Calendar events can be filtered by the type of job, the technican and more and can even be automatically cleared when no longer required.

View jobs and holidays by day, week, month and assigned technician
Move and resize jobs from a single location
Easily re-allocate labour between technicians and dates
Roll jobs forward when necessary and manage tomorrows work efficiently
Show and plan work around staff availability
...and MUCH more!

SMS / Email Communication

As standard, the TechMan management system comes with the tools to seamlessly send job information, quotes, booking reminders and more via both SMS and email. Communication is key when it comes to keeping your customers happy and happy customers will come back to you time and time again.

The content of all text messages and emails can be fully customised within TechMan so you can ensure your communication to customers remains consistent and conveys your message in the way you want to say it.

You can even insert links in to emails and SMS so that your customers can view the full details of jobs and quotes in their own time!

Automatically send booking and quote confirmations
Permanently opt customers out of SMS and / or email
Communication can include clickable links to view more
Send SMS and email ad-hoc
Fully customisable message templates
...and MUCH more!

System User Administration

With TechMan you will want to give access to your staff in order to carry out the day-to-day functions of your business. Your staff requiring access can be set up by yourself with their own login accounts. We have provided a simple but granular list of permissions to allow you to restrict the use of certain features for particular people.

Every user action within the system, even down to changing the unit quantity on a booking, is logged and viewable. This not only helps to prevent misuse but also gives everyone a clear picture of actions carried out during the course of business and helps further to keep processes streamlined.

Grant and revoke user access quickly
All user actions from login to logout are recorded
Assign users to their relevant depots
Reporting available!
...and MUCH more!

Personnel Management

To complement the calendar facilities across TechMan we have given you the ability to record individual events of staff absence from the workshop, be that due to annual leave, training or anything else. The time period you then specify for absence automatically shows across all calendars for the relevant personnel, on the relevant dates and times so you won’t be caught short.

Add events that apply to a single person or multiple people at once
Search and recall past and future events
Personnel unavailability is clearly shown on all calendars
Reporting available!
...and MUCH more!

These powerful personnel management facilities tie in seamlessly with the workshop performance monitoring features to record and report on your workforce in real-time!

Workshop Performance Monitoring

With an accompanying terminal, TechMan is a powerful, workshop deployed, solution for monitoring efficiency and utilisation of your technical staff. From check-in as they arrive, to check-out at the end of the day your personnel will use TechMan to provide you with the clearest picture of exactly what their day entails and how well they are doing on each task.

Using the reporting features, this invaluable data is then correlated with your actual job costs and sales values to show you just how profitably your staff are performing each day. You can run these reports any time, day or night, to compare performance and even view trends across the previous 12 months.

TechMan terminal software can also be used as a communication tool between your workshop technicians and front-of-house staff, with everyone being kept aware of expected and remaining completion times.

The performance monitoring features and activity logging capabilities enable you to really open up your business to see the inner workings and help drive all staff to perform at their best.

Log arrival and departure times
Communicate important information directly
Configure activities based on job role
Display staff unavailability information
Show real-time progress on tasks
Allow staff to view their own performance improvements
Encourage and motivate staff with visible achievement statistics
Reporting available!
...and MUCH more!


Off-the-shelf, the TechMan workshop management system comes with a number of insightful reports that will enable you to see exactly how your business is performing on every aspect. In consultation with our users in the field we have built each report to show you the greatest of detail in the following areas, to name a few:

  • Daily invoicing statistics including achieved profit, bookings awaiting payment and VAT summaries
  • Created quotes and bookings per person including quote conversion rates and turnover achieved
  • Selling data for all labour units with the drill down on specific labour types, for example servicing and MOTs
  • Sales and profit data in relation to customers with the ability to view returning customer data and customer booking information by post code
  • Personnel efficiency and status reports that show how their time is utilised and what your work force is really doing for you

All built-in reports are compatible with tablets and mobile devices and can be run any time so you really can monitor your business from anywhere.


With the real-time reporting capabilities at the core of TechMan, detailed sales and purchasing data is always right at your fingertips any time you need it. Using the click-through abilities built into reports you can easily identify, investigate and resolve any anomalies before using one of the many export routines available to pull out your data in a range of formats for review or import directly into Sage™, Xero™ or your alternative preferred accounting package.

Interrogate sales and purchase data
Set your own Accounting Codes, Nominal Codes and Tax Codes
Export sales and purchase information to Sage™!
Export sales and purchase information to Xero™!
...and MUCH more!

Personalised Stationery

We understand that you have worked hard to establish your identity in what can be a very competitive world. That is why when setting up your TechMan solution we will work with you to incorporate your business logos, relevant imagary and even your terminologies and taglines whereever we can.

There are many areas to customise, from invoices and booking summaries to emails and even your TechMan terminal and we will spend the time with you to ensure that your solution truly is yours.


If you manage more than one physical location, or perhaps you have a central booking location that can book on behalf of one or all of your workshops you will always be kept in the loop. TechMan's multi-site capbilities can be employed to give you, the business owner a top-down view of all of your locations and staff as well as allow you to drill down to activities and data relating to specific sites.

Specific users and technicians can also be given granular abilities to access specific features or data of their own and other locations to ensure that your sites can work together or completely seperately if you so wish.

Initiate and manage inter-location stock transfers
Source products with view real-time quantities across your stocking locations
Manage inventories across sites and re-stock all required products with ease
Reallocate bookings, users, technicians and assets across your sites
Ability to use different document stationery per sites
Report on individual sites or the business as a whole
...and MUCH more!

MOT Expiry Lookup

Keep your records and customers up-to-date by utilising the built-in MOT Expiry Lookup facility to retrieve accurate MOT data from DVSA records. Having this data in hand helps you to be able to maintain accurate vehicle records and also provide further remarketing and upselling opportunities. TechMan's integrated MOT Expiry Lookup facility really is a crucial tool for any workshop that provides an MOT testing service to it's customers.

Retrieve accurate data with a single click
Enable your customers to receive future MOT reminders
Included with all TechMan licence levels!

Automated Reminders

Reduce your no-shows and keep customers informed without lifting a finger and let TechMan communicate with your customers about their upcoming bookings, due Services and expiring MOTs. You will have full flexibility to customise the text of the reminder messages that are sent as well as when and how often your customers are notified.

Create and edit your own message templates
Configure reminders to repeat until booked
Receive daily reports of messages sent
...and MUCH more!

TechMan incorporates many more features that can aid in streamlining your business processes, encouraging accountability, providing detailed insights into the actual performance of your workshop and most importantly allowing your company to flourish.

For further information on just how TechMan can help to transform your garage or workshop don't hesitate to get in touch with us for an informal chat and demostration of what this powerful suite can deliver for you.

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